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Thinking of an extension for your home… Things to consider

Consider what you need in terms of space

If you rush into a house extension without first being clear on the desired usage requirement that you have, you may end up with a space that you cannot use properly. Changing your mind on design before you start costs nothing, changing it midway through the build can be expensive. Make sure that all residents are in on the project!

Will your use of existing building be changed? Will there be knock on consequences. home-extension

Extending your home can add value and can enhance your living space. It can also impact access, light usage and flow in the house. When you start planning your extension consider the whole house as well.

Design is important – don’t just throw it up and hope…

At Kilduff Construction, we will build to your design specification. We may point out obvious improvements that can be made but we do advise people to seek some sort of professional advice as well. You have to consider the following as you start your design:


Exact location of extension and impact on own home and neighbours

Style of roof, tiles, slates, flat roof, mono-pitched

External finishes required on doors, windows, roof lights, facades

Internal finishes

How the garden will be impacted

Orientation and usage of light

How will your extension stand the test of time

Things to consider here will be your changing family structure, your future plans for the house, impact on future value of the house, insulation levels in the house etc.

How will you ensure that you get value for money


All home extensions come at a financial cost. Spend your money carefully because it is important to realise that you are building an asset and that every decision you make will have an impact on the return you receive from your asset. If you skimp on insulation, you will get less for your home when you sell as this will be reflected in the now compulsory BER certificate. It will also cost you with ongoing heating bills. If you do not employ a good designer, you may build something which is not fit for purpose and has a negative impact on your existing home. It may be too dark, too cold in winter, too hot in summer or the flow may be all wrong and doesn’t suit how you live in your home.  If you select the wrong builder or make your decision based purely on price, you may be waiting longer for your extension, receive a poor service, poor workmanship and it may cost you more in the long run.

At Kilduff Construction, we have carried out hundreds of home extensions over the past 40 years. We are experienced and professional and we understand the value of an asset. Contact us today to discuss your project